We offer a variety of activities to suit a range of ages and abilities for primary and secondary schools. Activities and challenges can be tailored to further meet the particular learning needs of a group or class, and we offer a mixture of on site and in school activities. 

An overview of the areas of the Curriculum for Excellence that our activities can target can be found here: Knockando Woolmill Schools Education and Outreach CfE Overview

A detailed Curriculum for Excellence outcomes breakdown for the different class ages for the  can be found here:

First P2 - P4

Second P5 - P7

Third & Forth S1 - S3

Senior S4 - S6 & college

Our full range of activities, and the outcomes they support can be found here: Knockando Woolmill Schools Activities


These include:

• A tour of the Woolmill with the Junior Tour Guide team from Knockando Primary 

• Steam Dyeing with found fauna 


For more information and to book a school visit please contact Garance by email or call 01340 810345.