Traditional African Shukas - Raising Funds for Mayega Children’s Centre

Posted on March 13, 2017 by Caroline Hill

Based in Moray, Busega Scotland (established in 2014) is a charity that supports children and families close to the city of Mwanza, which is on the southern shore of Lake Victoria in Northern Tanzania. The aim of the charity is to work with disadvantaged and poor communities to reduce poverty and improve life chances. It is run in Scotland by volunteers.

Busega Scotland's three main projects are: Mayega Children’s Centre, Moving-on Project, and Family Support Project. For more information on these projects, please click here.


The charity works closely with partner organisations in Tanzania, and here in Scotland Busega has an active role raising awareness and organising fundraising initiatives.

Knockando Woolmill is working with Busega Scotland to raise funds for the Mayega Children’s Centre. Busega Scotland describes the centre as "home for up to twenty-eight orphaned or otherwise destitute children and young people (eg parents have died due to AIDS). Donations meet day to day expenses, including health and education, and help to improve living conditions."


In November 2016, we created tartan templates and gave them to Busega Scotland to give to the children. They were allowed to colour them in as they wished.

The children at Mayega Children’s Centre don't often have access to art supplies as it is a limited resource. As you can see in the photos, they loved colouring in the tartan templates and even gave us some extra drawings.

Having received the Children's artwork, the Woolmill team now have the task of developing one or more into a design which will be woven into 30 traditional African Shukas! The Shukas will be sold in aid of the Mayega Children's Centre.

Look out for updates regarding the final design on the loom - the bright colours are going to look beautiful!

If you would like more information or feel able to donate to the important work of Busega Scotland, head over to their website.