Carding at the Woolmill

Posted on May 03, 2017 by Kirstin Gault

Carding is the process of mixing and aligning the fibres prior to spinning. The Woolmill carding set consists of 3 machines. The first two, the Scribbler and the Intermediate, produce thick continuous slubbings or balls.

These are transferred to the third machine, the Condenser where they are fed in slowly and taken off as pencil rovings. These rovings are then wound on to wide spools ready for spinning.

The processes: 

1. The Feed Hopper is filled with wool that has been blended. The wool is then pulled through the blending machine which removes unwanted fibres

2. The Scotch Feed is checked at this point to see if the carded wool is the correct colour and consistency.

3. At the end of the Scotch Feed, over lapping layers of carded wool are produced. The colour and consistency is checked again at this point.

4. The wool is doffed, which is done by a fly comb.

5. Cheeses of carded wool (slubbing) are created. The spool is changed when the counter reaches 45 - this makes sure the cheeses are all the same size. This is also done when the machine is still running!

6. The last process uses the Condenser  to turn the carded wool into pencil rovings.