Abstract Art - Workshops at the Woolmill with Sally Charlesworth

Posted on July 14, 2015 by Emma Nicolson

The latest in our series of creative workshops with Sally Charlesworth. Working in an inspirational space and using bright colours, Sally encouraged participants to imagine beautiful vibrant landscapes and bring them alive whilst learning new way to work with acrylic paint.

Dorothys abstract mountain

Dorothy's Abstract Mountain

Knockando Woolmill Abstract

Knockando Woolmill Abstract

Sandras abstract mountains

Sandra's Abstract Mountain

Winter mountain

Winter Mountain



‘Brilliant – first time I’ve used acrylic paints and I surprised myself with what I could create. Sally really made the workshop fun, she was very encouraging and taught me how to think outside the box. Great group atmosphere with people from all ages from teenagers upwards’ Sandra

Throughout this series of workshops we have had excellent feedback on the variety of workshops and the wonderful sharing and teaching ability of Sally Charlesworth. We have already had numerous enquireies about  what workshops are we planning next, and specifically if we will be running any Christmas themed workshops! We have received many positive comments from participants on the original use of space and the warm welcome they have received.