Naturally Dyed Yarns - Shilasdair - Knockando Heritage Tartan Warp

Posted on April 10, 2014 by Emma Nicolson

The warp of the tartan for Skye based Shilasdair Yarns. All the yarns are naturally dyed, and achieving a consistent colour is one of the most difficult aspects of using natural dyestuffs. Tony from Shilasdair yarns told us:  Tonal variation  happens with almost all the natural dyes used,  because , in layman's terms, they are not engineered by man to have instant affinity for protein fibres, but rather have to be coaxed to donate their pigments.   Variation can be controlled to an extent by the degree to which the yarns are packed in the dye cabinets, and the temperature of injection, but is always present to some degree or other.   It is tonal variation however - along with the vibrancy of the hues produced - which is the signature of natural dyeing.   Watch this space to see how the tartan turns out!