Esja - Weaving DNA Collaboration Fabric

Posted on April 06, 2016 by Kirstin Gault

Esja was designed in collaboration with Icelandic product designer, Hanna Dís Whitehead and Scottish Textile Designer, Claire Anderson as part of their Weaving DNA project. They re-appropriate traditional Nordic and Scottish textiles, examining the ways in which these represent and shape aspects of national identity.


For more information regarding the story of Esja, please visit: or, for information regarding the exhibition (which is on going until the 22nd of May), visit:

Photograph by Tian Khee Siong

Esja, which is a multi-purpose fabric, is suitable for skirts, trousers, jackets as well as soft furnishings such as curtains, cushion covers and upholstery. For more information or to purchase the cloth see: Esja.

The Esja pattern is also available on one of our hipflasks: Esja Hipflask