Moray Mini Adventures - Treasure at the Woolmill!

Posted on April 06, 2016 by Emma Nicolson

Looking to keep the kids occupied? Look no further!

A bit of fun that is aimed at kids (with a little bit of help from all you parents and grandparents out there)! Around Moray treasure boxes have been filled with little treasures which are waiting to be found.

People interested in the activity should head over to the Facebook group ‘Moray Mini Adventures’ where clues are posted which will guide you to where the treasure is hidden.

“In each box there is logbook where you can jot down your name to say you completed the challenge. You can even add or swap a piece of treasure of your own such as a wee toy, button, drawing or keyring.” The box is then placed “back where you found it for the next lot of mini hunters to find!”

A box full of treasure has been hidden in the Knockando Woolmill Garden – will you be able to find it? If you are looking for clue… look around for a pipe coming out of the ground.

After finding the treasure you are more than welcome to have a look around the mill or treat yourselves to a delicious piece of cake in the café.

For more information ,and clues to where other treasures are buried head to the Moray Mini Adventures Facebook  - Moray Mini Adventures Group